We built a full-functioning iOS app on short notice. The results were extraordinary.

VetPronto app

Towards the end of 2016, we partnered with VetPronto to build them an iOS app. They wanted to get it out as fast as possible. They weren't worried about design, so we went with a UI framework for React Native. This helped keep the budget down and focus on the code.

We had to work closely with their team in order to implement the existing api. It was an awesome experience and they were a joy to work with. Any changes to the api were quickly implemented.

After handing off the code, their team was able to make changes after having little to no experience with React Native due to our clean code structure.

“Zach at Encryption was super responsive and took the time to understand our needs instead of fitting the project into a pre-existing box. The code was delivered quicker than expected, and was clean, well-documented, and a breeze to maintain. Really glad I went with them!”

Soren Berg, Developer at VetPronto

  • Learn on the Go

    We were tasked with adding deep linking support into this app. This meant clicking a link in an email would open up the app and automatically log them in. It was something we had never done before, but on the same day, we implemented it.

  • Hybrid App

    Due to budget and time constraints, VetPronto opted to keep a few key features on the web. We added safari view support into the app and have it keep them logged in while users are inside of it. Whatever a clients' needs are, we have them covered.

  • Straight Forward

    We were given wireframes with an account page, pet display, and a quick email tutorial on how the api worked. They let us knock it out and never got in the way. This was a fun project thanks to having a client as fast paced as we are!

They were able to build us a native mobile application in under 3 months. They were dedicated and results driven. If you need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Encryption is for you!

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