Software development solutions that bring your vision to life.

Sub-millisecond response times. Lighting-fast, test-driven development workflow. Instant bug tracking. We build solutions that take you to the next level.

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Why Us

Going above and beyond is our thing. We are at your service.

We like going above and beyond to make our clients happy, whether that means scheduling an emergency meeting or simply being available to answer your questions on your timeline. We’re always there for you.

If you want something built, we’ll create a proposal free of charge. It will contain everything we could possibly do for your business. It’s our job to give you options, and yours to choose.

  • Advisors

    When you contact us for a quote, we start by researching your company and its competitors. This helps us give helpful feedback and suggestions.

  • Communication

    We take your time seriously. Whether it's a phone call, email, text, or Slack message, you can be sure that we'll be replying within the hour.

  • Emergencies

    Things happen. If you need us at a moment's notice to jump on something, we do our best to accommodate you.

Phase 1

First, we have a project meeting to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and goals.

Phase 2

With your ideas in mind, we put together a proposal with goals and objectives.

Phase 3

We begin an iterative design process, from initial concepts to prototypes.

Phase 4

Our designs become fully-realized through laborous engineering.

Phase 5

Before release, we assure all security measures and optimizations are in place.

Phase 6

Congratulations! Your software is complete! But what comes next?

Development Process

A consistent workflow is at the core of all great software.

Bringing products to fruition isn't always easy. Over the years we have adjusted our approach to maximize efficiency.

  1. Initial Project Meeting

    We start with a meeting to understand how we can help. What problem are you trying to solve? How do you see software solving this void? After the meeting, we put ourselves in your shoes. We brainstorm what's possible, what would help your business today, and what features should be put off.

  2. Request For Proposal

    We generate a detailed proposal featuring several options for you to review. We outline the core components of this system, called an MVP (minimum viable product), additional features we think would add more value, and features we think can wait. We give you a technology roadmap.

  3. Concepts and Design

    Coming up with wireframes for our clients is the first step in the development process. After approval, we use the latest UI standards to create something you'll love for years to come.

  4. Development

    While working on the design phase, backend archectecture is whiteboarded and discussed. Next, the user interface gets implemented as the designs are finished. We split out the project into bi-weekly or monthly sprints that let you see progress as we iterate.

  5. SQA / Security / Rollout

    As the development passes the halfway point, we begin shifting to quality assurance. Making sure there are no issues with the user interface or bugs. Build process is fine-tuned and production kubernetes deployment begins.

  6. Next Steps

    With the minimum viable product launched, it's time to sit back and relax, or give us a new list of features to build. At this point, a wrap up meeting takes place where we discuss what our clients' wish to do next.

Development Standards

With every project, we tweak our processes to be better than before. We learn from experience, always bettering ourselves and our systems.

  • Advanced Techniques

    We use the best tooling, allowing us to prevent errors before running our code. When code is updated, we are confident no issues will arise. Powerful type checks, test running, and GraphQL have us covered.

  • Continuous Integration

    With industry-leading CI tooling, our code is tested, containerized, and deployed on each commit.

  • Error Tracking

    We build exception handling into all our apps. The moment they get reported, we work on a fix and add any missing test cases.

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Understanding The Market

We believe a clear vision, backed by definite plans, ensures confidence and organic growth.

Nobody is more important than our clients. We start each project by getting to know your business. Without understanding it, we can’t effectively solve problems. We spend our free time learning more about the market you're in and how we can better your business. This happens through the planning process and development of a project.

After learning the ins and outs of your company, the process continues. We have a list of components that make up exceptional software, and that list is incorporated into everything that we build.

  1. Maintainable

    We believe that all software should last for years. We use test-driven development to ensure that our applications won’t break as new features and functionality is added.

  2. Extendable

    We believe that software should be built with the future in mind. Our designs meet today’s challenges while anticipating tomorrow’s.

  3. Tested

    We believe that high test coverage is essential to great software, so we build extensive testing into our development process.

  4. Speed

    We believe that speed is crucial to every business. We make sure every application we build loads lightning fast.

  5. Security

    We believe in building apps with security at their core. We accomplish this by granting access rights only to those who need it.

  6. Standards

    We believe in using the latest standards. We stay up-to-date on industry changes to ensure that our software is cutting-edge.

Life is full of problems and challenges. Let us help you get through it.