The tools, practices and philosophies to prevent cyber attacks.

Access control, security audits, white or black box testing, we’ll help you protect your assets.


Why Us

With ever-changing cyber threats, we prioritize dynamic security measures and rapid response.

Companies are adopting new technologies at a rapid pace, but they don’t always consider the potential vulnerabilities that could arise from new systems. Our mission is helping you rest easy knowing that your systems and data are secure. We’ll implement industry-standard cybersecurity measures, generate intelligent real-time network reports, actively monitor threats, and help you test new technology implementations for security and privacy.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate. Denial of service attacks, data breaches, and executive phishing have increased to record levels, and an effective cybersecurity program is now a necessity for all businesses. We’ll guide you through prevention, containment, and response best practices to make sure cyberattacks have minimal impact on your business.

  • Assess

    First, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your current systems to identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations for security and risk reduction.

  • Deploy

    Based on our assessment, we’ll handle the deployment of proven cyber security measures to safeguard your data while still giving you full access to the information you need.

  • Monitor

    After deployment, we’ll help with training, monitoring and updates to address new threats. We’ll also walk you through incident response planning and backup testing.


Our Services

We offer a complete cybersecurity solution. Our goal is securing your data, systems and assets so you can stop worrying about security and focus on building your business.

  • Access Control & Two-factor Authentication

    Using SecureShell (SSH) protocol and multi-factor authentication, we can protect your network connections, servers and databases from unwanted access.

  • Tested Backup & Data Recovery

    Many companies claim to backup their data but have never tested restoring from a backup. We provide tested backups and recovery services to get you back online quickly after an incident.

  • Audit Trails & External Log Management

    Good security means understanding the changes made to the code, servers and databases your company uses. We help you set up audit trails and external logs so you can monitor what changes are being made to your systems.

  • Security Risk Investigation

    The foundation of any cyber security plan is understanding where you’re vulnerable. We’re experienced at identifying problems and offering solutions to keep your data secure.

  • Continuous Integration of Code

    Continuous integration allows developers to add new code into the main repository easily and frequently. CI helps us identify problems and security flaws early on in the development process and ensures no one has access to production.

  • Hacking & Denial-of-service Mitigation

    While it’s impossible to predict and prevent every attack, we can make it more difficult to attack your assets and mitigate the damage caused from attacks using the latest security protocols and practices.

  • Forensic Investigation & Evidence Gathering

    During and after an attack, many companies are left in the dark about what is happening and how. Our forensic investigations look into the path attackers took, helping you address security flaws and provide evidence to law enforcement.

  • White Box, Black Box & Gray Box Testing

    In white box testing, we dive into your source code to identify weak points and opportunities for optimization. In black box, we’ll still run tests on your software, but with limited knowledge of the source code, giving an impression of the program’s overall security.

  • Incident Response Planning

    We can help you create incident response plans that address how to react when you suspect a cyber attack in order to identify, contain, and eliminate the threat.

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