Infrastructure As Code

Serverless functions, containerized apps — they're not just buzzwords to us. We believe stack management should be handled through code.


Why Us

We like our applications to be interconnected, deterministic, and bug-free. We figured you'd like that too.

Applications are more complex than ever. The annex between various services can be astounding. That is why we believe in writing code to describe how our applications should be deployed. We utilize a wide range of high-quality, open-source tooling to accomplish this. Years of experience writing Ansible, Chef, and Puppet provide you with the latest and greatest in IT automation.

  • Reproducible Environments

    Worried about the stability of your production environments? Never again. With our Docker-backed development environments, when new code is pushed, you can be sure it will run correctly.

  • Cluster Management

    With Ansible, we can run actions across your whole fleet of servers at a moment’s notice. Upgrading parts of a cluster, bringing down others... this can all be managed in one place.

  • Server Scaling

    Whether building a new or existing application, we can upgrade your stack with on-demand elasticity, ensuring that you stay up and running during those bursts of high traffic.

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Problems We See

Over the years, we've seen recurring problems across companies. We ask similar questions at every consultation: What would happen if your servers were deleted? Are audits conducts regularly? How do you log actions taken within your systems? Could you handle a denial-of-service attack? Everyone should have a recovery plan. There are so many problems that need to be taken care of at the DevOps stage.

  • Don't fall into vendor lock-in. Be sure that your stack can be run anywhere, not just a single cloud provider.

  • You need to catch, store, and be notified of errors that happen on any part of your application.

  • Only a few people should have access to production environments.

  • New developers should be able to set up your app in under an hour.

Our Services

We are passionate about using our expertise to automate, optimize, and protect your servers and business. Our goal is to take care of all your DevOps issues. We'll do what we do best, so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

  • Build Automation

    We automate builds to eliminate redundancy, understand dependencies, create more reliable builds, and run automated tests.

  • Deployment Automation

    We take the guesswork out of releasing software, allowing us to limit mistakes that are common in manual deployments, and reduce time and effort across the process.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    We implement infrastructure as code to make maintenance and disaster recovery a snap.

  • Performance Monitoring

    We monitor your server's performance to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

  • Emergency Management

    We understand that emergencies happen. We guarantee our availability for emergency consultations and support, no matter when you need us!

  • Continuous Access

    No matter what you need, we are at your service. Whether you need answer to questions or you’re experiencing issues, we will respond to you within the hour.

Life is full of problems and challenges. Let us help you get through it.