Receipt Defender

Expense tracking done right. Built to take the stress off of accounting departments when it comes to reporting, employee reimbursements, and tax season.

The Problem

Managing receipts, expenses, and reimbursements is tedious and time-consuming. Managers are spending hours maintaining spreadsheets, tracking their department's budget and spending. This is madness.

  • Available Everywhere

    Picture meeting with a client or buying supplies for your next big project. What do you do with that receipt after? You should be able to add receipts on the go, via your mobile phone, or from the comfort of the office with your computer.

  • Tracking Spending

    Managers and directors should be able to track expenses for their departments without spreadsheets. They should be able to generate customizable reports on a moment’s notice. All of this should bubble up to Quickbooks so that you have insight into all of your company’s spending.

  • IRS Compliance

    It's essential that organizations be able to quickly produce all documents required to comply with a state or federal audit. You shouldn't have to worry about losing receipts, or receipts fading over time.

Working with Encryption was a collaborative experience. I was able to be highly involved in the project, which enabled us to change directions several times. I would highly recommend Encryption!

Tim Winchester

CEO, Receipt Defender

Services Utilized

It takes a lot of planning to build an application as robust as Receipt Defender. Take a look at a few of the services used.

Software Development

When you're building a fully featured web application, in addition to an iPhone and Android app, it's a lot of work. We wanted to be strategic in this endeavor, and ensure as much code reuse and sharing between platforms as possible.

  • Technologies

    Using JavaScript for the frontend, backend, and mobile apps allowed us to drastically reduce the complexity and weight of the system. This also enables us to reduce the number of engineers required.

  • Mobile Apps

    Since we used React Native, we were able to write our mobile apps in JavaScript, just like the web application. This allowed near 100% code reuse between our web and mobile platforms, while also saving time and money.

  • Beta Testing

    We encouraged a beta release of this application. This allowed us to get real-world feedback from potential clients. That feedback saved us months of development time down the road.

  • Reporting

    From the feedback we received in the beta release, we knew that reporting was key to the success of the application. So, we added the ability for receipts to have tags, not just categories. This allowed another layer of reporting.

Receipt details
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Due to the potential for so many organizations to rely on this application, we choose to use Docker and Kubernetes to make infrastructure extremely robust and deployments a breeze.

  • Scaling

    If there's an increase in usage, the application will automatically scale up or down accordingly, thereby saving the client money, time, and resources.

  • Updates

    When the time comes to release a new version, updates are rolled out with zero downtime.

  • Fault Recovery

    We have implemented health checking at every level. If any POD fails to respond, a new POD will automatically be deployed to replace the failed instance.

  • Monitoring

    All application logs, instance logs, and error logs are consolidated for easy review and storage. If any users encounter a bug or problem, engineers will be immediately notified.


In today's modern world, security can't be an afterthought. Security has to be a focus from the start. We took extra care to ensure that our bases were covered, and most importantly, that our clients are protected.

  • Redundancy

    Companies are trusting us to keep their information safe and secure. By utilizing redundant storage, we are able to ensure integrity and high availability. We can't lose any receipts.

  • Monitoring

    We continuously monitor all our applications. We look for irregularities, like large increases in traffic or authentication attempts. This enables us to be proactive rather than reactive.

  • Infrastructure

    Our entire application stack is built from the ground up, automatically, on every deploy. This ensures no unauthorized changes to servers. We also utilize a network firewall, and an intrusion detection and prevention system.

  • Auditing

    We also conduct monthly security audits across the application code and infrastructure. As a result, we stay ahead of the curve on potential security concerns.

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We're partners. We partnered to build Receipt Defender and are actively invested in its success as a product and company.

  • Research

    We spent weeks understanding the market and the problem we needed to solve. We analyzed competitors to ensure that we could add value to the market.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    We decided to go to market with an MVP to evaluate interest from prospective customers. By doing this, we were able to go to market much faster.

  • Analysis

    After the successful MVP, we analyzed the feedback from customers and decided which features made sense for this product.

  • Marketing

    We also developed marketing materials, consisting of everything from website content to designing brochures and business cards for the company.

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